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Spain is one of the countries in the world that has a lot of beautiful women who are making waves in the modeling industry. Most of these beauties, including Neiva Mara, have come a long way in the industry, while others are up-and-coming.

Mara is a talented model with an interest in fitness. She began gaining traction on the internet with her curvy body and amazing personality. Despite her busy schedule, the fitness model makes out time to travel around, listen to music, attend fan meetings, and even do some sports. Dubbed “the hottest teacher in the world”, the model teaches her fans everything about fitness with a blackboard in her sexy outfits.

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The desire to leave her home country and travel around the world started burning in Julia Gilas from her younger age. According to her, the unbearable cold in her country, lack of basic services and the internet were some of the reasons she wanted to leave for greener pastures in developed parts of the world.

At age 14, Gilas enrolled at a modeling school and eventually left her home at the age of 16 to pursue the dream she cherished so much. In the course of her journey to greatness, she has visited many European countries and has also taken part in several shows and competitions. Today, she holds the record as one of the finest fitness models to watch out in the industry.

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Robbie Amell had all the opportunities to join his parents in the family jewelry business but he chose to be different by hitting the showbiz community in search of something meaningful. He bagged his first job in a modeling firm, where he modeled for some time before redirecting his interest to acting. Looking at him today, it is obvious that his passion for acting has surely paid off and is quite rewarding as well, having bagged two notable nominations.

Before the year 2013, Amell has been playing several roles on the television, however, it is his appearance as Stephen Jameson in the TV series, The Tomorrow People that earned him a comfortable spot in many people’s hearts.

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In a world with so much tragedy, pain, and suffering, holding on to the belief in a higher power is sometimes the way to survive the emotional and mental turmoil that comes with living in this kind of world. To do that, you need those who have walked the path ahead of you; those who have committed themselves to the service of bringing others through the walk of faith. One of the prominent men in America who have, and continues to serve humanity this way is Francis Chan, the American preacher born to Chinese parents. He has been in the ministry for over two decades. If you would like to learn more about Francis Chan, including how he got into his ministry and the difficult start to life he had, read on.

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Iris Apatow has everything she needs to succeed as an actress in the competitive world of entertainment. While the actress is definitely talented and entertaining, that is not what that statement is about. She comes from an entertainment family and so far, she has leveraged on that fact to build her own personal brand.

The actress is known for appearing in movies like Knocked Up, Charlotte, and This is 40. The former was her introduction into the world of acting. Iris is still young and has a lot more to give to the world. Here is everything about her life and what she has achieved so far in terms of her career.

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Manuela Testolini has traveled to different continents to construct schools and propagate the mission of her foundation and she has received honors and recognition for her efforts. Asides from her philanthropic works, she runs a company called Gamillah that produces and sells designer candles. Her fame and celebrity status is further buoyed by her past relationship with an entertainment icon – Ireland Boys.

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When it comes to showbiz, Gabe Kaplan can almost be described as an all-rounder. He is a comedian, an actor, and a poker player. It doesn’t end there; he is also a poker game commentator. Gabe Kaplan graced the screens in the 70s as an actor and gained popularity with a series of appearances in movies and TV series. Later on, he went into poker, playing and eventually doing commentaries in the game. It would be interesting to find out more about the entertainer. Here are lesser-known facts about him.

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